TOP TEN alkūnių apsaugos “SOK” BLUE

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    Apsaugos skirtos oficialioms IFMA varžyboms.

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    Using different elbow techniques is one of the main distinguishing features of Muaythai to kickboxing. The elbows are particularly popular in close combat, where they are used effectively and significantly affect them. Despite the toughness of the sport, the IFMA Competition “Sok” elbow pads ensure a decisive safety aspect at the competition level. Made of high-quality neoprene, the “Sok” protectors are non-slip on the elbow. There is a cut-out in the crook of the arm on the inside for a lot of mobility. The padding on the outside of the “Sok” competition protectors has a high level of absorption and adapts to your movements. A hook and loop fastener on the upper arm side ensures that the elbow protection always fits perfectly. In addition to the TOP TEN company print, the IFMA-approved label is clearly visible on the red and blue models.

    Additional advantages:

    IFMA approved
    skin-friendly material
    additional hook and loop fastener
    molded padding

    Perfectly trained down to the last detail - the hardness of the elbow techniques in Muay Thai.
    Elbow techniques are used versatilely in probably no other martial art than Muay Thai. Whether from close range or in a clinch, the elbows are a severe and dangerous weapon in Thai boxing. They can be easily pulled over the arm-like cuffs and securely fixed thanks to a hook and loop fastener. With the IFMA Competition elbow pads “Sok,” you ensure maximum safety in amateur competitions.

    Protects against hard hits with the elbow: “Sok” elbow protection.
    Thai boxers pay a lot of attention to elbow techniques. Even physical superiority can be compensated for with a skillfully placed elbow strike. However, you can not only use your elbows to attack but also defend. The “Sok” protector from TOP TEN is approved by the International Federation of Amateur Muaythai and is one of the must-haves at the competition level. The padding on the outside covers the bones that are otherwise directly under the skin over a large area so that serious injuries can be prevented.

    Sok is also of great importance in the clinch.
    Elbow techniques, called Sok in Muay Thai, are also used in the clinch. Where the referees intervene in other martial arts, another method is just beginning in Thai boxing. Since the IFMA has committed itself to the safety of the athletes with its regulations, the “Sok” elbow pads are part of the labeled safety equipment.

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